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Character: Hal Yorke
Series: Being Human (UK)
Character Age: Appears to be in late twenties; around 600 in actuality
Job: Peacekeeper
Canon: Is it possible for a monster to ever truly be human? Three roommates—a ghost, a vampire, and a werewolf—ask themselves this daily. Although the world remains oblivious to their presence, they grapple with what is expected of them. Should they be cruel—or is cruelty just another aspect of humanity? In time, it is clear that their bond with one another is what makes them human. But what if that bond is broken? What if the fact that werewolves and vampires should never cohabitate comes to a head? In the wake of this, the ghost finds herself with two new companions, and the cycle begins again.

The new vampire addition is a bit of an anomaly. While vampires in his world are known for their violent acts, Hal has sought comfort and release in stability. “Release,” in this case, is freedom from the bloodlust, because being a vampire is a lot like being an addict. What Hal wants more than anything is to continue denying blood, and this desire has become ingrained in his very being. As a result, Hal is the very image of a restrained individual: well-spoken, on edge, and incredibly high-strung. He’s somewhat cynical about the world in general and sees it as a place that could be dangerous for the lifestyle that he’s chosen. As one of the older vampires with a reputation for cruelty, it takes much more diligence to hold himself together. Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that Hal hasn’t lost his edge. When his control slips, he shows how cruel he can be, outlining exactly how he’ll hurt someone. But Hal has immense self-control. Even if it seems like he might snap at the tiniest thing, he
needs to avoid it. After all, that’s the first step to being human.

Sample Post:

On my way here, I was asked by many a toucan what the world is like outside. It’s not that different. While it is cleaner and stakes claim in a different scent—oil from automobiles takes the place of the marshy aroma—people are just as chaotic as ever. After all, there will always be differences. Differences in size, color, disposition, and even species ensure that this continues on into perpetuity. Occasionally, you’ll find someone nostalgic for the “old days,” a time when enlightened individuals treated one another with dignity and respect while maintaining virtuous lives, but you must realize: it has always been this way. That is why our history books are filled with war and little else. Of course, not everyone hungers for the feeling of warm blood on their hands; not everyone kills. But just think. When was the last time you thought to yourself, “I could kill him,” just because you found a few errant strands of purple fur in your oatmeal? No matter how unlikely it is that you would act on this thought, it still occurs.

But that is why I am here. Don’t worry, I’m more than aware that as gorillas, toucans, zombies, and even robot cows, your war-making abilities haven’t really developed. You’ve tried your best with what you were handed in life. But the deadline has long passed on that. Everything is rather dull now. People are warned on arrival, and quickly enough, they settle in. Even chaos can offer a helpful hand once it becomes a familiar face. This has led to your employer’s discontentment, and she’s recruited my help to install a new evil. Ah, I see that actually has your attention. For me, this “evil” is the very height of nirvana, but for others, it will be the ninth circle of hell. Structure is what all people live without, and it is time to change that. And what’s worse than a daily schedule with no variation day in and day out? After all, what summer camp lacks that in the first place? Of course, I’ve already prepared it, so listen up everyone. There will be hard copies to review when we’re done and I will always have extras. Naturally, my preparations extended to taking your primitive natures into account. Now, let’s begin.

Our revamped days will be set up in blocks of time. There will be three meals, as always, and no snacking in-between. For breakfast, the gorillas will continue in the path that they always have, but they will ensure that everyone arrives in a peaceful manner. Politeness will carry you a long way. After that, it will be time for meditation and release. We’ll let go of our worries; venting will be encouraged if needed. Once everyone has stabilized, I might consider a change to the schedule. But that’s a long way off. After lunch, we will have our physical training. Push-ups, sit-ups, jogs around the line of the barrier ... perhaps a sport will be introduced once everyone is in shape. But none of the undead will be allowed to play, lest one of your limbs accidentally be used as a ball and frighten everyone. Afterward, we’ll have supper, and commence in my extensive cleaning and organization plan. When too fatigued by our busy day, we’ll retire to our beds and spend the last hour rejuvenating our spirits with some poetry. Ah, Blake and Keats have been neglected for far too long.

I see your initial excitement has died down a bit, but I assure you that this is the best method for all of us. Our microsociety could achieve the impossible—a place of absolute peace—and defy what contradicts everyone’s base nature. For so long, I denied that possibility myself, and I would hate to return to that mindset just because you were a little upset with my plan.

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